How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously Without Anyone Knowing

Whenever any users posts or publish a Instagram Story, Instagram will notify them who has seen and engaged with that. But many users sometimes, want to take a look at a Instagram Story without letting the user to know about that.

Perhaps you are running research and wish to glimpse on a rival brand’s Instagram plan and choose to maintain that data discreetly. Whatever your motives, here are just two ways that you may see somebody’s Instagram Story without anybody knowing.

Method 1: Tap on Upcoming Instagram Story and then quickly swipe back

This procedure takes advantage of this interface which lets you swipe between different consumers’ Stories.

Here is what to do: Locate the profile whose Story you need to see secretly in your own feed, and click on the profile directly alongside it. Harness the Story to pause it, then gradually and carefully swipe at the direction of this Story you need to look at. It will appear like on the adjoining side of a 3D box. Be mindful not to swipe the way because, in the event that you do, the consumer will observe that you’ve seen it.

The significant drawback of this process is that you may only see the first Story on your profile’s feed, which you will not have the ability to see videos. Another issue is the fact that it may be simple to swipe all of the ways unintentionally – and the entire exercise will have been useless.

Method 2: Using any Third party site or application

This technique requires using another site or program. Watching Stories through those programs will not get counted in the stats, so the user will not understand that you have seen them.

Using Desktop: Proceed to and search for the consumer. In case their profile is people, you will have the ability to see and download all that user’s present stories.

Using iPhone: Get the Story Saver app and signup. Look for the option from the search bar, then click the folder using their very own Instagram Stories.

Using Android: Get the Story Repost app and sign up or sign in. Look for the accounts with the search icon at the top right corner. You will require the ability to need to look at Stories of their own in a feed arrangement.

This procedure needs a bit more effort, but it is also more foolproof, making it significantly more straightforward to download and save the Stories you are watching.